Honda Civic FB2 Price and Specifications Reviews

Since the launch of the first of Genio, Honda position in sedan market continued to unbeatable for 24 years. Competition continues to heat up when Toyota announce its rival, the Toyota Corolla.

In this decade, Honda makes the most current breakthrough, by launching the Honda Civic FD, which was the 8th generation of the Civic, announced in 2006.

To continue the tradition of presenting sports car in the forms of family sedan, Honda ended up using the newest Honda Civic code FB. The sedan aims to replace the FD Civic positions that have been engaged for six years in the south east Asia region.

Honda Civic FB2 Price and Specifications Reviews

Honda Civic FB2 Price and Specifications Reviews

Honda Civic FB2 Exterior

Seen from outside, the Civic FB has similarities to its predecessor, Civic FD, where the exterior are the main factors that make everyone hooked.

Hood, fenders, headlights, grill and bumpers were merged into a single synchronous interconnected elements. But the difference is, the size of the Civic FB body is a bit shrink. Amazingly, this car has a body that extends into the back ramps forming like an arrow. Plus because of the length of the body is reduced and a short tail, its body looks like a Coupe model.


At the rear, the triangular shape of the design more closely resembles the back light on a Mercedes C-class. On the left and right mounting plates decorated with horizontal bar reflector, emulates the backside of its family – Honda Accord CP2 which was introduced along with the Civic FD in 2006.

Honda Civic FB2 Interior

The shrinkage that occurs on the exterior of the Honda Civic FB2 gives a value of minus which is now interior offered less spacious though its seems not significant. Go to the section of the dashboard, now redesigned led to the driver’s part so its impressed as “driver oriented dashboard”. The design is unique enough, but unfortunately the head unit looks too rigid – seems not to follow the contour of the dashboard. On the Civic FD, its cluster designed to follow the contour of sloping dashboard, so it looks much better.


For those of you familiar with the interior of the Civic FD, certainly will be easier in terms of the operation buttons on the dashboard, because the placement of the buttons is still nearly identical with FD. In addition, it has embedded a button ECO Mode that is useful for monitor how to drive efficiently, so that the usage of the fuels can be minimised.

Honda Civic FB2 Engine Performances

Civic FB comes with two variants of the engine and transmissions options. The first engine capacity is 1.1 litres R18A capable of producing power up to 140 HP at 6,300 RPM plus peak torque of 177 Nm at 4,200 RPM. While the other engine type having capacity of 2.0 litres K20Z which carries maximum power 155 HP at rev 6,000 RPM and peak torque of 192 Nm at 4,200 RPM rev. Both machines have a i-VTEC technology and equipped with the high-end torque.

Impression and Handling Honda Civic FB2

really offers the dynamics driving experiences – typical of a Civic. Steering using the EPS speed sensitive, which offers impressive control. This is coupled by the characteristic use of suspension sport, so very easily controlled when the maneuver in urban areas that are frequently hit by traffic jam. As a side note, this suspension tends to be harsh and less comfortable when compared to its competitor, Toyota Altis.

Honda Civic Specification FB2

  • Engine: 1.8 liter and 2.0 R18A1 K20Z2.
  • Configuration: same 4 cylinder 16 valve SOHC i4.
  • Power: 140 HP @ 6,300 RPM (1.8), 155hp @ 6,000 RPM (2.0).
  • Torque: 177 Nm @ 4,200 RPM (1.8), 192 Nm @ 4,200 RPM (2.0).
  • Bore x Stroke: 81mm x 87, 25 mm (1.8), 81mm x 96, 89mm (2.0).
  • Compression ratio: 10.6: same 1.
  • Fuel consumption: 7-10 km/L (in the city), 10-13 km/L (out of town).
  • Transmission: 5-speeds manual, 5-speeds automatic.
  • Suspension: Front – independent McPherson strut. Rear – independent double wishbone.
  • Competitors: Toyota Corolla Altis, Mitsubishi Lancer EX, The Chevrolet Cruze.
  • Sales: 2006-2011.

New Honda Civic Price FB2

  • Civic 1.8 L M/T: ~ 28.000 US dollar
  • Civic 1.8 A/L T: ~ 29.000 US dollar
  • Civic 2.0 A/L T: ~ 35.000 US dollar

The Price Of A Used / Second hand Honda Civic FB2

  • Civic 1.8 L M/T: 15.000 – 20.000 US dollar.
  • Civic 1.8 A/L T: 16.000 – 21.000 US dollar.
  • Civic 2.0 A/L T: 25.000 – 28.000 US dollar.

The Advantages Of The Honda Civic FB

  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Modern interior.
  • Fully featured.
  • Pretty good maneuverable capability.
  • Powerful transmission and responsive.

Honda Civic FB Cons

  • Its predecessor have better interior design.
  • The back light is similar to the C-Class.
  • Rear legroom is cramped.
  • Head unit is not suitable to the appearance of dashboard.
  • The manufacturing quality is under Civic FD.

For those of you who travel a lot further, we strongly recommend that you take a variant 2.0 because the fairly complete cabin features and more powerful engine power, coupled with the presence of leather seats. Overall, the Civic FB2 does offer a less beautiful exterior appearance, build quality are bit disappointing. However this can be covered by his ability that resembles a sports sedan.

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