Opel Blazer Price and Specifications Reviews

Americans, or people who have spent some time in the United States, will immediately recognize Blazer as the name of a typical American SUV. Interestingly, when the car was first entering the market of South East Asia region, it was introduced as the Opel Blazer, while Opel is more known as European cars.

Arguably, this car is the result of steady collaboration from three manufacturers. The license is based on Opel, design and production was done by Chevrolet and the design of the engine with conducted by Holden.

Opel Blazer Price and Specifications Reviews

Opel Blazer Price and Specifications Reviews

There is really no fundamental difference using either the name Chevrolet or Opel. Because other brands like Pontiac, Cadillac, Buick, Holden, Hummer and GMC, all joined in a large parent company based in America, namely General Motors Corporation.

In many countries this car is pretty well known, because the design is quite attractive and the typical American SUV – it has a big capacity engine with Vortec V6 configuration.

Chevrolet also well known as cars engine manufacturer that able to produce more powers on their cars engine products if we compare it to other manufacturers. No doubt, Blazer is often used as operational cars by special investigations team of America, FBI.

Its solds in different names, among others, Opel Blazer on Asia, Chevrolet Blazer on Europe and GMC Jimmy on America.

Opel Blazer Exterior Designs Reviews

Blazer looks sleek and aggressive, thanks to the facia designed with big shaped lights on its front cluster. At first, a light facelift model was redesigned into two thin-shaped line, then on the second facelift back lights were redesigned and looks like the first model, but more elegant and masculine accents. While the side and back has no change at all.

Opel Blazer Interior Designs Reviews

Get into the cabins, you’ll see how simple this SUV interior shades. Minimal dashboard buttons on the center console. At the top there is a pair of wind steering of air conditioning. Air Conditioning settings can be done through a single rotary knob.

Uniquely, the button switch to turn on the light is present on the main console, located  on the right side of the driver, while the other car use the lever model. On the left lever functions as a regulator of turn signals light.

For those of you unfamiliar may be somewhat having a hard time, because usually this lever functioned as the wiper lever. For instrument cluster in front of the driver there is speedometer and full analog tachnometer. Underneath there is odometer surrounded by tripmeter, an indicator of the condition of the engine oil pressure, the car battery amperage and fuel indicator. Complete enough isn’t it?

Overall, the cabin of the Opel Blazer look with the use of a seats made from soft velvet and able to create greater convenience for anyone who sits on it. You will not complain about its legroom, except for headroom. Although the size of the cabin is vast, its headroom is very narrow. If you pass through a streets hole in a very high speed, there will be small chances of your head to hit the ceiling.

Opel Blazer Engine Performance Reviews

As we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraphs above, the Opel Blazer in Asia region get special engine that was designed by the manufacturer of the original Holden on Australia. GM Family II engine with Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) with capacity of 2.2 liters and able to produce power up to 138 HP at 5.600 RPM, and maximum torque of 195 Nm at 3,400 RPM.

Then there is also a selection of other engines with Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC). Engine capacity is the same, but we don’t know about how much power that can be produced by this engine type because lacks of references.

Opel Blazer Impression and Handling 

When he was introduced to the public, this car was advertised using a brochure depicting a Blazer parked on top of a large rock. This is somehow misleading to the consumers since Blazer does not support 4 wheel drive (4WD). Its mainly designed as a city car – not as an offroad vehicle. Taking it to the extreme offroad places will go beyond this car ability.In fact, the Blazer is an urban car and only suitable on urban asphalt.

Blazer offering spacious legroom and interior, you will experience maximum comfort when doing long distances traveling using this car. Moreover, the sound of the wind from the outside can be reduced to minimal. The performance of the suspension is also quite impressive, when used on the streets of gravel, the suspensions are able to be absorbed shocks to the maximum.

Opel Blazer Specifications (DOHC)

  • Engine: 2.2-litres 4-cylinder GM Family II I4 16 valves.
  • Power: 138 HP @ RPM 5,600.
  • Torque: 195 Nm at 3,400 RPM.
  • Bore x Stroke: 86 mm x 94.6 mm.
  • Fuel consumption: 6-7 km/L (in the city), 9-10 km/L (out of town).
  • Transmission: manual 5 accelerations.
  • Suspension: front and rear McPherson struts independent.
  • Competitors: Nissan Terrano, Land Cruiser VXR 80, and Daihatsu Hiline.
  • Sales: 1996-2005.

The Price Of The Opel Blazer

This American SUV having a solid performances on cars marketplace. With so many models and trim offered, the price becomes very varied. For the years 1996-1998 (pre-facelift model) the prices offered ranged between 4.000 – 5.000 US dollars. Then for 1999-2002 (the first facelift model) for secondhand sold at a price of 5.100 – 7.000 US dollars. And the last model years 2003-2005 (second facelift model) cost you about 7.100 – 9.000 US dollars.

Opel Blazer Pros

  • The design is attractive, macho, and tough
  • Sturdy body and good suspensions.
  • Very convenient.
  • Interior and cabin is very spacious.
  • Body made from two layers steel plate, fairly safe against collision.
  • High ground clearance.

Opel Blazer Cons

  • Inefficient fuel consumption.
  • Air conditioning frequently need maintenance.
  • Engine can easily get overheating
  • The availability of spare parts is limited and expensive.
  • Weight 2.2 tons!
  • Swivel radius is too large, so difficult to parked.

So, that’s a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Opel Blazer. For those of you who live in the slopes of the hills, this car is a wise choice. Although the price of spare parts are expensive, but he price of the unit is highly affordable. Remember, if you have plan to buy the secondhand or used cars, always checks its engines and ensure its working as expected.

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