Mazda Demio Price and Specifications Reviews

As usual, the segment of hatchback is one of the most congested segments in the world car marketplace. Because, all manufacturers often introduce new products to refresh and reaching the perfect sales in the local market.

As we know, the Honda Jazz is the product of the peak sales GE8 hatchback then followed by its true competitor, Toyota Yaris. Both of these products have changed the model with all the new advanced features embedded in it.

The Mazda Demio is a supermini manufactured and marketed globally by Mazda since 1996, currently in its fourth generation. The Demio is marketed prominently as the Mazda2 and under previous nameplates including Mazda 121, Mazda Metro, and Ford Festiva Mini Wagon. In the United States, its marketed under Scion brand as the Scion iA.

Mazda Demio Price and Specifications Reviews

Mazda Demio Price and Specifications Reviews

Mazda Demio Price and Specifications Reviews

Mazda Demio Exterior Design Review

Overall, the Mazda Demio has an exterior design that is far better than the previous generation. It is clearly visible from the front facia that become more ferocious thanks to the use of the main lamp shaped, pointed to the front. To support its fierce impression, now it use redesigned front grille shaped larger up to the bottom of the V-shaped but slightly curved.

The increase in this grill design helps the air intake to the engine being more efficient. On the right side and left side at the bottom there is a pair of round fog lamps.

Go to the other side, perhaps you will agree that the line of the arch in the middle of the body still follows the previous model. Because it is not at all the existence of the line firmly from the front to the back.

This is what characterizes Mazda Demio because far from the impression of plagiarizing another model. On the rear side, good rigid impression can be seen from the new stoplamp model.

Mazda Demio Interior Design Review

The biggest change from the previous model is located on the inside of the cabin. If in the previous model having head unit with center console, in this latest model is actually much different. This can be seen clearly from the centre console that moved to the bottom, while the head unit is on top.

Simple and functional. However, some people judge the design is a little annoying. Audio setting will be troublesome because of its front passenger even further than usual. Although the audio control can be performed by the driver using control buttons embedded on the steering wheel.

Storage options impressed enough for occupants of the front seat, with a large cup holder between the left and right seats. Unfortunately, in the back seat there is absolutely no storage compartment. Even at the door though.

The good news, the legroom is a bit more extensive than previous generation but imposes baggage into smaller spaces. 100 litres smaller than Honda Jazz.

Mazda Demio Handling and Engine Performance

The range of new engine that are far more better than before. All models use SkyActiv-G engine capacity 1.5-litres 4-cylinders 16 valves. This engine has a maximum power up to 108 HP on a 6,000 RPM and torque of 141 Nm at 4,000 RPM. Fuel usage is also more efficient, saving up to 15 percent for manual transmission six accelerations (5.4 litres per 100 kilometers) and 19 percent for six-automatic transmission accelerations (now 5.5 litres per 100 km).

Cars with small capacity engine is a thing that is very common on highways, especially when its paired with an intuitive six-speed automatic transmission or manual five accelerations transmission as well as used by this car.

Gearbox help working in maximum when a lack of effort on low-end torque. Indeed, small engine usually requires high engine rotation to reach peak torque. However this is not a problem, thanks to the latest technology breakthroughs from Mazda, the vibration of the machine can be reduced minimal as possible so you can enjoy exceptional comfort while driving.

All New Mazda2 or Mazda Demio is very famous with his steering system which is the leading edge in its class. All maneuvers at the corners of the turns can be done easily. Then, the suspension is applied has a resemblance to the Honda Jazz in which the characters sport preferred.

The results, its less comfort but slightly safer when drove in at high speed on a road  with rugged surface because the swaying can be minimised by its suspensions. In addition, this diminutive hatchback have a less good silencing system. The roar of wind and sound of tires from the outside can be feels even at a speed of 60 km/h.

All New Mazda2 / Demio Spesification

  • Machine type SkyActiv 1.5 liter 16 valves DOHC I4 4 cylinders.
  • Technology: Dual S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing) and ETC (Electronic Throttle Control).
  • Maximum power: 108 HP @ 6,000 RPM.
  • Peak torque: 141 Nm @ 4,000 RPM.
  • Bore x stroke: 85.8 mm x 74.5 mm.
  • Compression ratio: 13:1.
  • Fuel consumption: 13-15 km/L (in the city), 16-19 km/L (outside the city).
  • Suspension: Front – Independent MacPherson strut. Rear – Torsion beam.
  • Profile tires: 185/65R15.
  • Competitors: Honda Jazz GK5, All New Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, and Suzuki Swift.

All New Mazda2 / Demio Secondhand Pricing

Price range for secondhand Mazda Demio is between 18.000 – 25.000 US dollars, depending of its engine types.

The advantages of the All New Mazda 2 Pros

  • Beautiful designs.
  • The features in the cabin is very interesting.
  • Affordable prices for all models.
  • The cabin more spacious than its competitors.
  • Fun to drive.

All New Mazda2 / Demio Cons

  • There is no sensor camera models
  • Media type is only available on touchscreen top spot.
  • Noisy cabin.
  • Interior storage space is minimal.
  • Luggage less relieved if compared to its competitors.

So, thats a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of  the Mazda Demio. Same is the case with the Honda Jazz, this car is one of the candidates that have characterized hatchback typical fun to drive. There is no denying it where a more pragmatic choice than competitors such as the Toyota Yaris, the All New Ford Fiesta or a Kia Rio.

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