Mazda 323 Lantis 323 Familia Price and Specifications Review

Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia is one of Mazda car which has been manufactured on the 1960’s and positioned on a compact sedan segment.

On this segment, the Mazda Lantis / Familia directly dealing with competitors that are widely filled by competitors whom also came from Japan such as All New Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4, Nissan Sentra/Sunny and Honda Civic Ferio. However, the name of Mazda Lantis / Familia was removed and replaced with the presence of the Mazda3.

Mazda 323 Lantis 323 Familia Price and Specifications Review

Mazda 323 Lantis 323 Familia Price and Specifications Review

The seventh generation model with platform code BH was firstly introduced in the domestic market in Japan on 1994 in conjunction with the two-door hatchback models which is known as Neo and four-door hatchback which is known as Astina.

Model coming into South East Asia market officially is merely the model sedan with the name Mazda 323 Lantis in 1995 and then replaced with the Mazda 323 Familia which sold until 2000 with difference specifications which happens to interior features trimming for the sake of suppressing the sale price in order to compete with its competitors. In this article, we will discuss the differences of Mazda 323 Lantis and Mazda 323 Familia in details.

Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia Price and Specifications Review

Among the sedan is offered in the mid-1990’s, one might say this car look more sexy than the other. Due to the design on the edge is no longer commonly used by other sedans that seems too rigid shapes – its designed with the slope ramps. The good news, the contours of the body in the cabin behind the glass was not designed with sloping, so it keep the rear section headroom spacious.

Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia Exterior Review

If you are a big fan of Mazda, you can easily distinguish the Lantis and Familia from the carried lamp model. The front has a signal lamp on Lantis bumper while the Familia rely solely on a pair of light signals on the left and right sides of the main lights. Other differences from its lamp design, Lantis still use standard fluted glass while the Familia is not use it.

Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia Interior Review

If you get into the cabin, you will be presented by the design of a typical dashboard of common 1990’s sedans. Nothing specials. The color scheme that is used in the Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia is gray to avoid glare effects when car used under the blazing sun. The driver’s seat can be adjusted for different sizes, whereas the passenger seat is still the same with their competitors but rather a bit wide and spacious. You wont be complain with its legroom and headroom because its cabins is the widest in its class size.

Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia Engine Performance

Based on data that we collected, Mazda Lantis or Familia using two types of engines, one with the capacity of 1.6 litres engine (1600cc). But this engine is only present on the version that is sold on the Philippines and Vietnam. While other, the engine that are used in the form of capacity of 1.8 litres (1800cc) capable of producing power up to 131 HP at 6,000 RPM and peak torque of 169 round Nm at 4,000 RPM. This engine is powered by combustion system MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection system).

In addition, its support VICS (Variable Intertia Charging System) technology which makes the Lantis and Familia engine can produce great power, the same as the flagship of the Honda VTEC technology. In addition, the engine was also used in the 1990’s Mazda sports car that is the Mazda MX-5 as known as Mazda Miata.

Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia Impression and Handling

Although originally the Mazda Lantis and Familia enters the segment of compact sedan, but if you did further investigation you might consider Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia as a perfect car. Because it is more suited to enter a premium sedan at its time such as Corona Absolute or Honda Accord Cielo.

This because the comfort that is able to offer by Mazda 323 Lantis / 323 Familia could be said to be more viable than Corolla or Civic. Accelerations from its large capacity engine is enough qualified. The power and the torque produced is highly synchronous. Rev engine sound can also be muted nicely. If you often drive your own car, you will find this car is also fun to drive just like Civic Ferio.

Specifications of Mazda 323 Lantis 323/Familia

  • Engine: Injection 4-cylinders 16-valves.
  • Maximum power: 131 HP @ 6,000 RPM.
  • Peak torque: 160 Nm @ 4,000 RPM.
  • Bore x Stroke: 51.6 mm x 52.8 mm
  • Fuel consumption: 6-8 km/L (in the city), 9-12 km/L (out of town)
  • Transmission: manual transmission with 5 speeds and  automatic transmission with 4 speeds.
  • Suspension: Front – McPherson strut, Rear – multi-link.
  • Competitors: the Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Corolla AE111 CK4, Daewoo Espero, Hyundai Elantra, and the Proton Wira.
  • Sales: 1995-1996 (Lantis), 1997-2000 (Familia).

Mazda 323 Familia Secondhand Price

This Mazda cars is not yet as famous as their competitors, Honda and Toyota. So this car sales in the local market have unstable prices. For model Lantis (1995-1996) you can have with the budget ranges from 4.000 – 5.000 US dollar. While the model of Familia (1997-2000) can be bought at 6.000 US dollar.

As a side note, for those of you who are concerned with the quality and features of the interior should choose Lantis, because its more complete and perfect than the Familia. Because basically Lantis is sold cheaper but with some features trimming on interiors. Then do not be surprised if there is an offer price with Lantis are slightly more expensive than the Mazda Familia.

Mazda 323 Familia Pros

  • Affordable prices
  • Powerful engine
  • Very responsive.
  • Disc brakes on each wheel.
  • Soft suspension.
  • Comfortable.
  • Roomy cabin.
  • The presence of auto-dimming lamp at the cabin.

Mazda 323 Familia Cons

  • Inefficient fuel consumption
  • Aftermarket components for modification are still rare.
  • Spare parts more rare when compared to its predecessor, the Mazda 323 Interplay.
  • The price of the original spare parts are expensive.
  • The existence of a trimming feature on model Familia.
  • Quality of manufacture is less good.
  • Limited safety features.

So, thats a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Mazda Lantis / Familia. For those of you who want to appear different with a minimal budget, this car could be suitable for you. It has the powerful engine with its own qualified acceleration can not be underestimated by other manufacturers.

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