The Most Suitable Steering Wheels for Car Modifications

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The steering wheel is one of the most important components in your car, not only allows you to point yourself in the right direction, it also gives direct feedback about the road conditions. Most cars come with a standard steering wheel, so why not spice up the driving experience with a fresh, new steering wheel?

Here, we have six steering wheels that we would recommend it to you.

Note: all wheels will require boss kit respectively in accordance with your vehicle. Boss kit is an adaptor that allows a steering wheel to fit your car. Because the steering assembly for each make (and in some instances model) is unique, you cannot fit a steering wheel without one.

The Most Suitable Steering Wheels for Car Modifications

Momo Model 69

Momo is a well known name to all modders in the world. As a beginner, you will also often see it on the daily used car. One of the steering wheel that has a unique design with the production model is the Momo 69.

The Most Suitable Steering Wheels for Car Modifications

Momo Model 69

Its offer 350mm diameter suede and wrapped with rim, Model 69 designed and made from strong aluminum frame. It is specifically designed for the application of GT, so the use of suede on the rim is to increase grip when wearing gloves. Although generally Momo Model 69 used in races on the circuit and rally, but some modders also using this model as a steering interior on daily cars.

Nardi Competition

Nardi has a long history in various prestigious event in the motorsport. This history is recorded for the first time in the era of the 1930 ‘s when the engineer Enrico Nardi became Ferrari’s test driver. So in a long period of time, many of his works are found in the Ferrari.

Nardi Competition steering wheel can be found as standard in cars such as the BMW 2002 and Mazda MX-5 Mk1. On the new model, this steering wheel is likely to have a diameter of 330mm, although some could be a little larger version (the wheel of the BMW 2002 is 360 mm).

If you want to buy a Nardi steering wheel you must pay attention, because there are many replica products sold in forms very similar to the original version but with with a very low price. If its seller says it’s suitable for Momo steering wheel boss kit and its bolt pattern, you can sure it’s a replica. The patterns used are totally different with other manufacturer’s products.

OMP Velocita

OMP is just like Sparco and Momo – these manufacturers are really popular in the world of motorsport, which can be found in the rally. Such as Nardi Competition, OMP also have superior quality. Its production process uses only the best materials.

The design is applied similar to Momo model 69 but in some side of the design is more curved. Frame made of solid aluminium and its useful to add to the longer durability in the environment of extreme motorsport. In the market, steering its wheel comes with a diameter of 380 mm and 350mm. OMP ‘s steering wheels with different size can be obtained in cheaper price if we compare it with Nardi or Momo. But if you have a higher budget, you can also choose the more expensive options, ie. the OMP Velocita Superleggero, which price is two times more expensive of its regular version.

Suitable for Momo, OMP and Sparco boss kits.

Momo Prototipo

If the steering wheels as mentioned above is mostly designed for the use in the motorsports segment, the Momo Prototipo is intended for the use in daily used cars. So its price is a bit cheaper and relatively competitive with OMP Velocita version.

Although it is intended for the different purposes, but its also offer a good quality. Materials used on this steering wheel is 350mm diameter aluminum frame with leather wrap. The frame is available in two choices of finishing colors: black or silver.

Momo Prototipo design is a good mix between size and functionality, each user will definitely feel comfortable when hold it. In addition, the steering wheel is suitable for the use on retro cars nor modern cars.

Momo Prototipo is suitable for Momo, OMP and Sparco boss kits.

Sparco 383

Sparco 383 offering the best design for both motorsport steering wheel and the daily use steering wheel. It is suitable in almost every modification environments. The size is smaller than the models as mentioned above, i.e. 330mm with aluminium frame material. Wheels are wrapped with soft suede material, creating a better grip than the other models that use leather wrap. It is usually sold with a mid price ranges.

Sparco 383 is suitable for Momo, OMP and Sparco boss kits.

Momo Model 07

At first glance, Momo 07 Model looks very similar to the Prototipo steering wheel, but there are some important things that make it different from the other models. I.e. the distance between the steering wheel and seating position of the rider closer to about 60 mm over Prototipo. That is, the steering wheel position is much closer to your chest while driving. Momo model 07 provided with suede and leather wrapping. Its only sold in a single color – black.

Momo Model 07 tends to have competitive rates with Sparco. As a side note, the model with the leather wraps are more easily obtained than suede.

Suitable for Momo, OMP and Sparco boss kit.

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