Common Mistakes When You Repair Your Car

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Things that should be noted when overhauling and repair cars – Overhaul, treat or repair is a compulsory thing that has been common to do for all car owners. As time went on, the car would requiring regular treatment known as cars check up intervals.

If you feels the performance of your car are not longer good or you went on emergency circumstances because something happen with your car, the main thing you will do is immediately handed over your car to the nearest repair workshop and let mechanic check directly to your car to ensure all car parts is working as expected.


Common Mistakes When You Repair Your Car

After they found problems on your car, they will tell you what to do, whether to replace its component / parts or fix it  in order to get back to work normally.

It has become a habit, for some people (usually the owner of the car with minimal experiences) will be agreeing it without asking because for sure what kind of factors that causing problems in your car. Once you approved it, the mechanic will continue their job to fix your car.

Certainly, you can easily cheated, because not all the mechanic being honest. They can somehow able  to fix the part that should be replaced even the faulty parts are not replaced with new ones. Ultimately, you will be charged for the service fee plus the price of the components of that cost has been raised up to two times.

So herewith, we have been summarize the tips that you must apply every time you visit a car repair workshop:

#1. Do not only visit a single repair shop or car workshop

The first mistake that many car owners are directly refer on the workshop that they firstly visited. With the reasons they can fix your car properly, professional and service costs are cheap. You have to get rid of this mindset, because basically every single car workshop often hire the professional mechanics. They might able to repair or check your car with more affordable fees.

Before agreeing and the repair process, first of all you have to do is ask and identify what kind of the problems in your car. After you get the clear answers from mechanics, you can visit another car workshop and ask the same question.

After that, compare the answers of each expert mechanics that you has been visited. Choose the service station or car repair shop that the mechanics  that able to give proper explanation regarding to your car problems and offering the most excellent services.

#2. Always ask for repair services and parts replacement costs

The second mistake, usually we are faced with a difficult financial conditions, however, if you want the car repaired as quickly as possible because there are other important purposes that require private transport.

Often some people will ask the mechanics to directly repair your car without asking the price of the spare parts that must be replaced and the cost of the repair services. After the car is repaired, you would be surprised because its costs are too expensive.

#3. Ask about the availability of the used spare parts

If your car is a bit rare (eg. Its classical or hard to find its original spare parts) and its damaged during your trip and need to replace its spare parts. No doubt you will be have hassles to look it up to various workshops or car repair shop. Emergency conditions would distract your concentration and trigger excessive emotions.

The most wise choice is not only asking for new spare parts. Do not hesitate to ask for used spare parts availability. This might be silly, but can this help you. In addition, its often the price offered for used spare parts is also extremely cheap.

That’s some mistakes that we can summarize when the car owner repair their car on car repair shops. Tips above is majority quoted from the car owner who often complained after they getting bad experiences on  the car repair shops.

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