Honda City GD8 Price and Specifications Reviews

Honda City GD8 is a subcompact sedan which is positioned under the Honda Civic ES. First introduced in 2003 in conjunction with its hatchback version, the Honda Jazz GD3.

The presence of Honda City GD8 was waited by many peoples because its predecessor, the Honda City Type-Z production have been stopped. This car was introduced by using two different engine types (see the specifications at the end of the post).

Honda City GD8 Price and Specifications Reviews

After the sale of its facelift version since 2006 to 2007, eventually its presence was replaced by Honda City GM2 with complete  redesign on all parts. In the local market, this car compete with the Toyota Vios generation 1 which is known its having a high durability, and Hyundai Accent though Hyundai Accent is not a strong candidate to compete with Honda City.

Honda City GD8 Exterior Reviews

Honda City brings the exterior design that is totally different at the beginning of his appearance. Where the design is applied in the form of a big cabin but the bonnet looks small and short. Believe it or not, most people say the design is inspired from a dolphin.

Overall, this car looks the same as the Honda Jazz because the base used is similar. Its body size difference only lies in the dimension of length as the luggage is made separately in the back like any other sedan in general.

Front Exterior Honda City (pre-facelift)

Front Exterior Honda City (facelift)

If Honda Jazz use dip back headlight, the difference of the City is its using a thinner light model. Then on the back, there is a difference perceptible. Honda Jazz taillight is lengthwise from top to bottom while Honda City have a wider taillight.

Version of facelift takes some redesigned parts such as the headlights are given a rounded shape. It definitely looks more elegant. The front, bumper was also redesigned, now its equipped with fog lamps as well as the grill was changed from chrome model one line into two lines that chrome with netted beehive background. While on the back there are extra garnish lights at the plate number bracket.

Rear Exterior Honda City (pre-facelift)

Rear Exterior Honda City (facelift)

The functionality of the Honda City seems difficult to defeat by its competitors. Honda City has the size bigger body size, it makes the Interior became more spacious. The seats is also being a strong point of City GD8. The rear row of seats can be folded (ultra seat), so its able to transport more stuffs if the baggage was not fit it. This allow Honda City top offer customers the unlimited flexibility.

Honda City GD8 Interior Reviews

The interior layout is almost identical with the Honda Jazz, but the glovebox and centre console has some differences. Legroom and headroom are relieved through to the back. As has been mentioned above, this car is very roomy compared to its competitors.

Honda City GD8 Engine Performance

Mostly, Honda City was sold in two types of engines in the same capacity of 1.5 litres/1500cc. At the beginning of his appearance this car was presented using the i-Dsi engine which is able to pumping power up to 87 HP at 5,500 RPM and torque of 128 NM at 2,700 RPM engine rotations. While, VTEC engine has a larger power, its able to produce power up to 110 HP at 5,800 RPM and peak torque of 143 Nm at 4,800 RPM.

The purpose of the use of this engines is to suite customers needs, for those of you who want a good fuel efficiency, i-DSI is a good option, and if you want more powerfull engine, you can choose the VTEC type. The engines is resulting difference power but its fuel consumption is almost the same. In addition, the i-DSI engine treatment is a little more expensive than the VTEC. That is the reason why many people preferring the VTEC version – this make resell price for VTEC version is more stable on second hand cars market.

Honda City GD8 Impression and Handling

Handling of Honda City GD8 is similar to its hatchback. If the Honda Jazz are more sporty and fun to drive, the the Honda City is more elegant and more comfortable. The handling is impressive, efficient and the visibility in this car is pretty good. But unfortunately, the C pillars is too thick and becomes a weak point of this car.

Honda City i-DSI GD8 Specification Review

  • Machine code L15A I4 engine, 1.5 liter 4 cylinder 8 valves I4 SOHC i-DSI.
  • Bore x Stroke is 73.0 x 89.4 mm.
  • Compression ratio 10.4:1 .
  • Maximum power output 87 HP @ 5,500 RPM.
  • Peak torque of 128 Nm @ 2,700 RPM.
  • Fuel consumption: 12-14 km/L (in the town) and 15-18 km/L (out of town)
  • Front brake discs and rear drum type.
  • Features : Radio/Tape/CD/MP3 with Double DIN Head Unit (CBU), tilt steering, PW, PS, CL, ultra seat, Electric Mirrors.

Honda City VTEC GD8 Specification  Review

  • Machine code L15A I4 engine, 1.5 liter 4-cylinder 16-valve I4 SOHC VTEC.
  • Bore x Stroke 89.4 × 73.0 mm
  • Compression ratio 10.5:1
  • Maximum power output of 110 HP @ 5,800 RPM.
  • Peak torque of 143 Nm @ 4,800 RPM.
  • Fuel consumption: 10-11 km/L (in the town) and 12-15 km/L (out of town)
  • Disc brakes on all wheels.

The features are the same with the i-DSI version, with a few additions to the complete security features, LED rear lights, body kit, the automatic rear view mirror with a light.

Honda City GD8 Secondhand Price Review

The secondhand price of Honda City GD8 are usually more expensive than the Honda Jazz. Its because most first car users prefer to have a sedan rather than a hatchback. For the pre-facelift version of the Honda City i-Dsi oftenly sold for prices between 9.000 – 10.000 US dollar, the price for its facelifted version is able to reach 11.500 US dollar.

As for the version Honda City powered by VTEC engine have relatively more expensive prices, about 10.000 US dollar. VTEC version of the pre-facelift is usually sold at a price range of 11.000 – 12.000 US dollar and about 13.000 US dollar for its facelift version.

Honda City GD8 VTEC and i-DSI Pros

  • Comfortable.
  • Efficient.
  • Smooth engine.
  • Responsive transmission although the automatic version use the steel belt (CVT).
  • Stable when its driven at a high speed.

Honda City GD8 VTEC and i-DSI Cons

  • CVT transmission is often having some problems, better choose manual transmission.
  • Maintenance costs for i-DSI is slightly higher.
  • The sound of a hard suspension when passing rugged roads.
  • There is no indicator time/clock on the dashboard panel.
  • The position of the gas pedal and brakes was too upright.
  • Rear seats less comfortable because it wass too upright.

So, that is a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Honda City GD8. Considering the age of this car is a bit old, be sure to check the condition of the engine and transmission in advance, mostly if it use automatic transmission / CVT (facelift) because the CVT is well known to have some problems.

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