Honda HR-V Price and Specifications Review

Honda HR-V was first debuted as a new model in Honda’s line-up. The draft design of Honda HR-V is used the form of compact-sized SUV or crossover.

As new models of well-known manufacturers, HR-V would be the most significant models in the future Honda. Although some fans of Honda may not fully appreciate the uniqueness of its design and purpose of different themes.

Honda HR-V Price and Specifications Review

Honda HR-V Price and Specifications Review

Honda HR-V Price and Specifications Review

Honda HR-V was generally introduced to the public with two variants and 4 types. The first variant using the engine with the capacity of 1.5 litres, which is adopted from Honda Jazz GK5  and Honda City GM6. The types for this diminutive engine there are 3 types – type A, S and E.

While other variants namely Prestige powered with engine with capacity of 1.8 liter that are also used in the Honda Civic FB.

In its segment, the car is going to compete with its competitors such as Ford Ecosport, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Creta, Chevrolet Trax, Toyota Rush and Nissan Juke.

Honda HR-V Exterior Reviews

HR-V is a multi-dimensional Crossover that combines the appeal of stylish car and toughness of an SUV. The design used in the form of a line of coupe concept that is incorporated into the design of the compact SUV.

Honda HR-V looks sporty and eye-catching. The application of single grill called “Solid Wing Face” that blends with the headlamp was able to give the masculine impression. Some extras also embedded, such as shark fin antenna on top, fender garnish, front bumper trim garnish below the bumper.

On the rear side, there is an aerodynamic grooves that almost resembling the Honda CR-V third generation. The difference only lies in the design of light that extends to the side, while the CR-V is soaring upwards. On the rear door handles are used look the same with the Nissan Juke because it’s positioned at the top. Maybe this will make difficult for children who want to open the door by himself.

Honda HR-V Interior Reviews

The Interior has a clean and functional design, with comfortable seats, up to the second line. Seats and luggage themes seems very surprising because one might say is quite extensive for a crossover that in fact is smaller than SUV.

Back seats can be configured in many ways, so that it can accommodate and carry additional luggage at the maximum numbers. This flexibility is a great advantage for those who wish to carry a lot of things, for example, grocery items, sports equipment, etc.

Almost every surface of the interior of the HR-V using the black plastic scheme. Start at the dashboard, steering wheel, console panel, up to the seats.

The impression of the interior is less qualified. But this isn’t a problem, because the multimedia features embedded in it pretty good such as head unit with high resolution touchscreen. As for the volume buttons provided on the steering wheel will help you adjust the volume without having to set it directly through the physical button audio.

Lastly, the HR-V was equipped with an electric parking brake system using single parking brake button, that replaces the traditional parking lever.

Low roof lines makes the Honda HR-V looks sporty from the outside, but it giving negative influence to the cabin. Not without reason, for people who have a body height more than 6 feet should be slightly bow when going into the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat.

Honda HR-V Engine Performance Reviews

Talking about the engine, this compact SUV is provided with two types of engines as we mentioned at the beginning of the article above. The first machine capacity 1.5 liter/1500 cc, which is also used on the Honda Jazz GK5. These engine have CVT automatic transmission and manual transmission with 6 accelerations. Its able to produce maximum power up to 120 HP at 6,600 RPM and 145 Nm torque at 4,600 RPM.

Whereas the other option adopts the engine from the Honda Civic with capacity of 1.8 litre code RA18A. It is specific to the type of Prestige. The maximum power that can be produced by this engine is 140 HP at 6,300 RPM and peak torque of 177 Nm at 4,200 RPM. It has same transmission with the 1.5 litre engine.

Honda HR-V Impression and Handling Reviews

Acceleration with manual transmission is default on the Honda HR-V. While the CVT automatic transmission is optional. Performance of manual transmission is better than a CVT automatic transmission. Some users even complaint CVT automatic transmission when they wants to overtaking another car in streets, because the response of CVT transmission are more sluggish than conventional automatic transmission. Although it has been equipped with paddle shift.

When passing through the rugged road surface, the Honda HR-V was able to pamper passengers thanks to its suspension with resilient performance. The cabin is also quite, the noise from tires and engine can be perfectly isolated.

Honda HR-V Specifications

  • Chassis code: RU1
  • Engine: 1.5 liters of L15Z1 and 1.8 litre R18A. Both 4-cylinder 16-valve i4.
  • Power: 120 HP @ 6,600 RPM (1.5); 140 HP @ 6,300 RPM (1.8).
  • Torque: 145 Nm @ RPM 4,600 (1.5); 177 Nm @ 4,200 RPM (1.8).
  • Fuel consumption: 8-12 km/L (in the city), 12-15 km/L (out of town).
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual, 6-speed CVT automatic.
  • Suspension: Front MacPherson strut, rear torsion beam.
  • Competitors: Ford Ecosport, the Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Creta, Chevrolet Trax, Toyota Rush and Nissan Juke.
  • Sales: 2015-now.

Honda HR-V Price Reviews

All prices is estimated prices, it may vary on each countries.

  • Honda HR-V 1.5 L A M/T : 24.900 USD
  • Honda HR-V 1.5 L S M/T : 26.300 USD
  • Honda HR-V 1.5 L CVT S : 27.300 USD
  • Honda HR-V 1.5 L CVT E : 29.400 USD
  • Honda HR-V 1.5 L E CVT Limited Edition : 30.2oo USD
  • Honda HR-V 1.8 L Prestige A/T : 36.300 USD
  • Honda HR-V 1.8 L CVT Special Edition JBL Audio : 34.800 USD

Honda HR-V Pros

  • The design of the future.
  • The second type of machine performance is quite good.
  • Air conditioning with autohold and touch panel.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • The seats are roomy.
  • Safety features is fair.
  • Low noise inside the cabin.
  • High ground clearance.

Honda HR-V Cons

  • Rear design is a bit look bad.
  • CVT transmission is not responsive.
  • The quality of the interior materials are less good.

So, that’s a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Honda HR-V. Although new, the initial sales belongs to this car is pretty good. As mentioned before, the HR-V likely will be the favorite crossover made by Honda in the next future.

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