Toyota Carina E Price and Specifications Review

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Toyota Carina E (also called Toyota Corona Exsior or Toyota Corona Absolute) is a luxury version of the sedan launched one level above the Toyota Great Corolla at the same time.

Toyota Carina E Price and Specifications Review

It’s the ninth generation (T190) of the Toyota Corona family. It was announced to the public in March 1992 at Geneva Auto Show to replace its predecessor Toyota Carina II (T170).

Toyota Carina E Price and Specifications Review

Toyota Carina E Price and Specifications Review

Despite its impression is better than Great Corolla, but this car is less interested in some country such as Indonesia. In the local market, the car is became the competitor of Honda Accord Cielo and Mazda Cronos. The production of Toyota Carina E is done until 1997 and then it was replaced by the Toyota Avensus.

For European market, Toyota Carina E was built and produced at Toyota’s factory at Burnaston, United Kingdom, but for some early cars and some models (such as GTi model) were built in Japan.

Toyota Carina E Exterior Review

As a new competitor in segment of top-class sedan, the exact contours of its body should follow the design that was popular at the time, most up to date at the time is larger body and aerodynamic. The design of the outer body is inspired from European sedan despite the JDM impression is still can be seen clearly.

The initial Toyota Carina E models manufacturing year between 1992 – 1994 can be recognized easily from the rear side because it still uses the garnish in the trunk and the plate number is placed on the bumper as well on Great Corolla. While the facelift model (1995 and above) the position of plate number was replaced by garnish. In addition, the facelift model has been fitted with a black trim on the front and rear bumper to add a sporty accent.

Toyota Carina E Interior Review

Get into the cabins, the unique identity of Toyota’s is very strong attached to the design of the dashboard and instrument panel of Toyota Carina E. Where is the settings button can be operated easily because the distance of buttons panel is still within the reach of the driver. Center console look more dense if we compare it to Toyota Great Corolla.

The features that presents in this car are not much different from the Great Corolla unless the existence of the ECT (Electronic Control Transmission) as its automatic transmission system. At its time, this feature is one of the most sophisticated feature available on sedan classes, even in the most luxurious sedan the Toyota Crown not yet brings this feature. Overall, the cabin is very spacious and wide. Legroom and headroom are its main advantages. Unfortunately, the visibility of the driver slightly reduced due to the position of the drivers seat is too low.

Toyota Carina E Engine Performance Review

For the powertrain, Toyota Carina E offers different engine type and engine capacity to suit each country’s safety regulations. Its using gasoline and diesel engine.

In most European countries, Toyota Carina E was offered in GL and XL trim levels. While in the United Kingdom, its sold as Xi (1.6 liter), Xli (1.6 up to 1.8 liter) GTi and Executive (2.0 liter). Diesel is available in XLD and GLD trims with capacity up to 2.0 liters.

For the example, we will review Toyota Carina E with engine code 4A-FE 1.6 liter capacity, which is also used in Great Corolla. The difference is only on the radiator.

In the average, this engine is able to produce the energy up to 113 HP at 3,600 RPM and peak torque of 137 Nm at 4,800 RPM. Pretty weak to prop up its heavy weight.

If it is still considered power-less, you can choose the option of engine 3S-FE with 2.0 liters capacity. It was able to produce the power of 126 HP at 5,600 RPM and torque 177 Nm at 4,400 RPM. Actually, there is still a fastest engine version of the Toyota Carina E, the 3S-GTE engine, but due to its rarity, we will not include it in this review.

Toyota Carina E Impression and Handling Review

Passenger comfort is the main focus in Toyota Carina E. As have been mentioned above. Rear passenger seat can be occupied by 3 adults without getting crowded. Next, handling of this car was able to do good maneuver on turns without compromising the aspect of comfortability. Because basically the type of shock absorber is specifically used to prop up its heavy weight.

Toyota Carina E Specifications Review

  • Engine: 1.6 liter 4A-FE and 2.0 liter 3S-FE (as reviewed above).
  • Configuration: 16 valve 4 cylinder DOHC i4.
  • Power: 113 HP @ 3,600 RPM (1.6); 126 HP @ RPM 5,600 (2.0).
  • Torque: 137 Nm @ 4,800 RPM (1.6); 177 Nm @ 4,400 RPM (2.0).
  • Fuel consumption: 7-9 km/L (in the city), 10-12 km/L (outside the city).
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic.
  • Suspension: independent MacPherson struts front and rear.
  • Competitors: Honda Accord Cielo, Mazda Cronos, Mitsubishi Galant.
  • Sales: 1993-1999 (production until 1998).

Toyota Carina E Used / Secondhand Price

Estimated prices for second hand / used each type of engines is 3500 – 4000 US dollar (1.6 liter engine) and 4.000 – 6.000 US dollar (2.0 liter engine)

Toyota Carina E Pros

  • Good handling and suspensions.
  • High durability engine.
  • Comfortable.
  • Stable at high speeds.
  • Very spacious interior and luggage.

Toyota Carina E Cons

  • Spare parts price for 2.0 liter engine is expensive
  • Due to heavy weight, it’s a bit not efficient in fuel consumption.
  • Power steering often leak.
  • Rare cabin accessories / parts.
  • Resale prices are low.
  • The speedometer was changed to the analog, whereas its predecessor was already using digital speedometer.

So, that’s a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Toyota Carina E. For those of you who prefer comfort with limited funds, this car is the best answer. In addition, the cost of treatment is also cheaper than Cronos and Cielo.

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