Honda Odyssey Absolute Price and Specifications Review

Honda Odyssey Absolute is one of a top class Honda’s MPV. Its loaded with a luxurious designs to continue the progress of its predecessor, the Honda Odyssey RA6.

Honda Odyssey Absolute was going on sale in Japan since October 2003 and many other countries including Australia from early 2004. Honda Odyssey Absolute is the third generation since first Odyssey was introduced in 1994. Honda Odyssey Absolute (coded as RB1) was positioned one level above the Honda Stream.

This car was sold until 2008 and then was replaced by the Honda Odyssey RB3. In MVP marketplace, this car is became competitor of Mitsubishi Grandis and Toyota Wish.

Honda Odyssey Absolute Price and Specifications Review

Honda Odyssey Absolute Price and Specifications Review

Honda Odyssey Absolute Price and Specifications Review

Honda Odyssey Absolute Exterior Review

The impression of luxury on Honda Odyssey Absolute can be seen even from the outside. The dimensions are a bit shorter than the presence of RA6 plus at the bottom of the minimalist grooves glass to make it more dynamic. You can recognize this car from far distance with ease because colors blue coating on its headlights and the sheer size. The blue color is intended so that the color of light reflected through the headlights became a bit more bright.

At the rear, stoplamp was redesigned to use the triangular shape. A wiper also intermittently provided in order to increase the visibility of the driver when it is foggy or rainy season.

Honda Odyssey Absolute Interior Review

In July 2006, the facelift version of Honda Odyssey Absolute was introduced to the public. Visually, the Odyssey RB1 facelift can be distinguished by its new grill models, redesigned bumpers, new stoplamp garnish lengthwise, and the light indicator on the rear view mirror.

The most interesting part of this car is present on the Interior. The design of its dashboard looks very sleek and modern, even its able to beat other MPV interior design at the time. The layout buttons on the centre console is also quite nice, soft, easy to read and most important is its easy to reach by the driver. Moreover, its also use the design of Honda Accord CM5 in steering wheel, audio button settings and cruise control. The most interesting, sunroof also comes by default to gain more sales.

Honda Odyssey Absolute Engine Performance Review

Basically, the Honda Odyssey is an MPV that uses engine base as used on Honda Accord and Honda CRV CM5 second generation. The layout and used engine is mostly identical. So, you can substitutes its parts without getting any problems. Honda Odyssey Absolute use the gasoline engine with capacity of 2.4-litre four-cylinder 16-valve coded K24A1.

The K24A1 engine come with triptonic transmission with five acceleration and its able to produce power up to 160 HP at 6,000 RPM and 220 Nm of peak torque at 3,600 RPM. As for the type of some Absolute variants which using K24A2 engine, its able to produce more power – 200 HP at 6,800 RPM and peak torque of 232 Nm at 4,500 RPM.

The second type of engine has adopted Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (i-VTEC) and Variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) which serves to optimize the timing of the intake in response to the load of the engine.

Automatic triptonic Transmission have five accelerations and it is supported by Grade Logic control feature that able to adjust the switching of shift according to the crossed terrains. Whether the car is climbing the hills or down the slopes.

Honda Odyssey Absolute Impression and Handling Review

Odyssey Absolute count on double wishbone suspension at the front and rear, so its convenience during travel is almost resembles a sedan car. The maneuver at an angle and turns can also be made easily because its very stable. Its also have a low ground clearance. Just a quick note, the maintenance costs for this suspension type is a bit costly. Do not forget, Odyssey RB1 uses a variable gear ratio steering that provide greater assistance to maneuver at low speeds. Overall, its handling is almost good as a compact sedan, such Civic VTi-S although its size is big. In addition, avoid fully turning the steering wheel to avoid a leak in the power steering.

Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1 Specification

  • Engine: 2.4 liters K24A1 (L and M) and the K24A2 (Absolute).
  • Configuration: 4 cylinders in line 16 valve i-VTEC DOHC.
  • Power: 160 HP @ 6,000 RPM (L and M); 200 HP @ 6,800 RPM (Absolute).
  • Torque: 220 Nm @ 3,600 RPM (L and M); 232 Nm at @ 4,500 RPM (Absolute).
  • Fuel consumption: 5-7 km/L (in the city); 8-10 km/L (outside the city).
  • Bore x Stroke: same 87 mm x 99 mm.
  • Compression ratio: 9.6:1 (L and M); 10.5:1 (Absolute).
  • Transmission:  Automatic triptonic with 5 accelerations.
  • Suspension:  Front and rear double wishbone.
  • Competitors: Mitsubishi Grandis and Toyota Wish.
  • Sales: 2004-2008.

Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1 Second Hand / Used Price

Below is the estimation of Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1 second hand / used price depending on its production year. It can fluctuate based on car conditions. Please note, for type L is usually cheaper about 2.000 USD from the price while type M is cheaper about 1.000 USD.

  • 2004: 14.000 USD.
  • 2005: 15.000 – 16.500 USD.
  • 2006: 17.000 – 18.700 USD.
  • 2007: 20.000 – 21.800 USD.
  • 2008: 22.500 – 24.000 USD.

Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1 Pros

  • Luxurious designs.
  • Very convenient.
  • Spacious cabin.
  • Responsive engine.
  • Resale prices is high.
  • Spare parts can be substitute with other cars.
  • Fun to drive.

Honda Odyssey RB1 Absolute Cons

  • Inefficient fuel consumption.
  • The price of spare parts are expensive.
  • High maintenance costs.
  • Transmission and power steering is vulnerable to damage.
  • Electrical system requires extra fees to repairs.

So, that’s a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Honda Odyssey Absolute RB1. If we’re talking about quality, this car is best in its class. In Australia its sales able to outsold the Toyota Tarago and achieved its best ever sales in 2005.

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