BMW 525i E39 Price and Specifications Reviews

BMW is one of the most fenomenal cars manufacturer in the world – they know how to made a sedan that is having powerful combination between engine performances and best consumers experiences. One of their best masterpiece is BMW 5-series.

Even in some European countries, BMW E39 (5-series variant) was able to beat the candidates from the other manufacturers. This is because there is a large number of variants BMW’s engines capacities ranging from 4 cylinders up to 6 cylinders. So consumers have many options to choose which series and type that is suite their needs.


BMW 525i E39 Price and Specifications Reviews

In many countries, BMW E39 525i is officially released in 2001 for the first  time as a facelift version to supersede BMW 523i E39. Indeed, BMW made a good decission because the the engines that belongs to 523i E39 is generally known to having a bad performances – M52B25 with single VANOS camshaft.

While the 525i variant is equipped with better and powerful engine – M54B25 double VANOS camshaft. In addition, the cabin features embedded in it are also more complete.

The exterior of the BMW E39 525i

Just like the some variant of the facelift versions – 520i and 530i. The headlights are designed with “angel eyes ring” concepts, its looks elegant and having luxurious accent. At the bottom, the fog light is converted into spherical-shaped, which distinguishes it from the version of the prefacelift where fog lamps are still square-shaped.

Its taillights designs also redesigned, it was use orange color, and now its changed to white color. Furthermore, the default wheels has used alloy 16 inch size.

The Interior of the BMW E39 525i

BMW E39 525i was designed as a facelift  version of 523i, so interior features also improved if we compared to 523i. There is not much improvements that we can found on  BMW E39 525i, in contrast to 530i which is the best version of E39 series.


Some of the features present in BMW E39 525i includes leather seats, instrument panel with digital settings, we can find MID at the bottom of the speedometer that is able to gives the information regarding the condition of the car.

As a complement, the seats that are used have been use the electric buttons settings, so you can easily adjust your sitting positions in order to make you more comfortable during travels.

BMW E39 525i engine performance

As explained above, BMW E39 525i brings naturally aspirated engine M54B25 with capacity of 2.5 litres 6-cylinders 24-valves. The engine is equipped with a double overhead camshaft valve, capable to produce a maximum power up to 189 HP on a 6,000 RPM rev and maximum 245 torque Nm at 3,500 RPM rev. As a options that you can choose, the engine have two different types of transmissions, 5 acceleration manual transmission or automatic triptonic transmission with 5 acceleration.


The impression and the handling of BMW 525i E39

Thanks for the new engine, this car has the excellent handling. Big power engine with and the abundant torques its able to make the maximum speed up to 238 km/h or 148 mph. Not less important, this car has been fitted with double layer glasses, its able to reduce the the wind sounds from the outside so that the cabin becomes more silent.

New BMW E39 525i Specifications

  • Engine: 2.5 liter M54B25 Double VANOS CAMSHAFT.
  • Configuration: six-cylinder 24 valve DOHC i4.
  • Output power: 189 HP @ 6,000 RPM.
  • Peak torque: 245 NM @ 3,500 RPM.
  • Bore x Stroke: 84mm x 75 mm
  • Compression ratio: 10.5:1.
  • Transmission: Matic Streptonic 5 accelerations.
  • Safety features: ABS, ASC, Airbags.
  • Sales: 2001-2004.

Price of Used BMW E39 525i

Price range for used BMW E39 525i is between 9.000 – 11.000 US dollars. Do not forget to provide a budget around 1.500 US dollars to refit the electrical parts of this car so all features can works as expected.

BMW 525i E39 Pros

  • Responsive and fast engine
  • High capacity engine
  • Luxurious.
  • Good interior features and safety features.
  • Affordable prices.

BMW E39 525i cons

  • Not efficient in term of fuel consumption.
  • Expensive maintenance cost
  • Electrical features can be easily damaged.
  • Spare parts are relatively expensive.

In facts, BMW E39 525i  is the one of the best sedan that is made by BMW. Its engine is powerful and better then its other variants. Its also affordable, luxurious, and sophisticated for the daily use.

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