6 Best and Most Suitable Rims for JDM modifications

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The term “Japanese domestic market” (also stand for “Japanese domestic model”) refers to Japan’s home market for Japanese-made vehicles from companies such as Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Honda.

For the importer, these terms refer to Japanese-brand automobiles and parts designed to conform to Japanese regulations and to suit Japanese buyers.

6 Best and Most Suitable Rims for JDM modifications

6 Best and Most Suitable Rims for JDM modifications

Some JDM cars owners having a good considerations to make some modifications to their cars, so it looks more sporty and of course, able to drive it in fast speed.

We already share some good tips how to start some simple modifications to daily used car in the article  “5 Simple Modifications for Daily Used Cars”. This article give you some clue to do basic modifications to turn your car to be more sporty cars. In addition, a nice rims will also boost the car’s image in the eyes of your colleagues, especially if they a big fans of JDM.

JDM modifications most often used as the first choice because of the costs that must be spare is not expensive as hell (if we compared with the other type of modifications).

In addition, the main factor was the JDM car can be easily bought from the local market, and the price is relatively affordable, ranging from the classical up to newest style.

Some of the following is a selection of rims that are used by the most popular modificators originated from Japan. Its not only offering the spectacular appearance, but its also have very high durability. This is facts because it is widely used in the most prestigious streets event in Japan, the drifting.

6 Best and Most Suitable Rims for JDM modifications

Rota Grid V

Rota Grid V is a very popular choice rims today, and it is not surprising. Having patterns of six spokes sporty rims, consequently it is more suitable for use in a cars with small-sized fenders, a typical of 90’s sedan such as Corolla Twincam, Great Corolla, Civic Genio and also Mitsubishi Lancer CB5/Evo 3.


Enkei RPF1

Its not only famous because it is produced by one of the world’s largest rims manufacturer, Enkei RPF1 but also famous for durability due to the mature designs, widely used in the formula racing, and including drifting.


Enkei RPF1 is proven, rims are the most popular to date. Sturdy, lightweight, stylish, making it have a charm that so many good tuner or modificator hunts for it. The materials used for the manufacturing this rims is aluminum alloy with a fabrication process called Enkei’s MAT (Most Advanced Technology). Some of the colors that are offered include black, silver, gold or SBC (as seen on photo above).

RS Watanabe

You might recognize design of RS Watanabe the Sprinter Trueno acting under the control of Takumi Fujiwara in the animated movie “Initial D”. Sturdy design can be seen clearly from its retro designs.


Offered in many different shapes and sizes, you will find a Watanabe to suit your needs. Although it is only provided in two colors – silver and black, but it is not the reason to  beautify the look of your car. In addition, the rim is suitable if combined with retro cars like Corolla DX, Toyota Cressida, or other retro cars.

Rota Slipstreams

If you are on the side of a minimalist, Rota slipstream is the most suitable to choice. With weights ranging from just 5.1, lightweight and sturdy, make its suitable for you who often driving on the highway.


Its just like Enkei RPF1 as mentioned above, Rota Slipstream is not present with many colours. Some of the colors provided there are only 3 colors, black, white and Silver. 5 spoke design may be more suitable for cars with above 2000’s production year.


Many people might be familiar with BBS RS rim as seen on European cars such as classical BMW and Volkswagen, but this rims also seems give a better and also suitable for Japanese car. This is evident by the presence of the first generation of MX5 offered with BBS RS as the sales package. One of the BBS RS pros is the circumference of the edges can be installed and removed at any time by using a special key. There are three colors that are offered, gold, silver and black coated with anti-scratch chrome.


Rota RT5

Rota RT5 designs very similar to the Rota Grid V’s design, its using six spokes. But unlike the Grid, this rims is not suitable for a car with small sized fenders. Its better suited to the car that has the sporty accent such as Nissan 370Z, Toyota Celica, and also the FT86.


Alloy rims are one of the components that you should look for the sake of safety. Don’t just stripped from the prices offered, because it could have been the stuff of a replica rims and its quality is really bad.

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