Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Price and Specifications Reviews

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For the persons whom like premium sedan with affordable maintenance costs will not be unfamiliar with this car, the Toyota Camry. Toyota Camry XV40 chassis code is present in 2006 to replace its predecessor (XV30) that have been marketed for approximately 6 years.

Camry XV40 sold globally but with different models between the American market, Japan and Asia. Camry coming into Indonesia using a model similar to that of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Price and Specifications Reviews

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Price and Specifications Reviews

Manufacturing itself is done in Thailand. In the local market, the Camry XV40 competes with the Honda Accord which has officially become its competitor since the first generation was introduced.

Available trim levels are 2.4 G and V and with the use of the same engine and other type of Q as the top trim with the engine capacity 3.5 liter V6.

Competing with mainstream and more affordable models in Japan and most export markets, for other East and Southeast Asian markets, the Camry is seen as a luxury car where it sells strongly.

In the United States, except for 2001, the Camry was the best-selling passenger car from 1997 to 2015. The Camry also sells well in Australia where it has been the best selling medium car since 1993, and more recently in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Up until 2004, small numbers had been exported to Western Europe. Despite international success, and early success in Japan, the later wide-body models have been a low-volume model in its home market of Japan.

However, since the introduction of the XV50 Camry in 2011, sales of the wide-body models in Japan have resurged, thanks, in large part, to the inclusion of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Exterior

The exterior looks very subjective and therefore will not be discussed in depth. Based on the our personal opinion, Toyota Camry is not too good – but tend to be rather boring. Very different from the Honda Accord, in which the design is applied very attractive exterior, totally different from the predecessor to the ever present before. In this case, it looks like Toyota deliberately chose to play it safe to avoid radical appearance.

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Interior

Getting into the cabin, there is a less accent of luxurious impression, because the layout of the dashboard seems very conventional. Some accents of wood panels embedded in some parts of the dashboard. A section of the console panel used silver color to make bright shades.


Audio buttons also presented on the left side of the steering wheel in order to make it easier for the driver set up audio with ease and hassle-free. There is enough storage compartment with lid cover on the center console.

Parking brake has been replaced with a foot brake, giving more space in the center console. But unfortunately, the cluster of instruments tend to be bland, nothing special and modern.

The new Camry is a car with such a huge size, so it has a quite roomy cabin. The front seat was able to give the sensation of comfortable but lack of lumbar support. You may need to stretch your body after doing long rides.

Then the back seat are likely to be uncomfortable because it was stand too upright. The good news, this premium sedan is able to accommodate 3 adults without crowding.

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Engine Performance

As we mentioned at the beginning of the above, the Camry has provided gen 2 with two types of engines. The first type (trim G and V) 2.4-capacity liter 2AZ-FE with code that has power 167 HP at 6,000 RPM and peak torque of 224 Nm at 4,000 RPM. The performances of this engine is good enough to prop up its heavy weigh.


But for those of you who feel that much less energy, can choose the type of the second engine (trim Q) capacity 3.5 liter V6 2GR-FE capable of produce power up to 277 HP at 6,200 RPM and peak torque of 346 Nm at 4,700 RPM.

One of the components that is not less important for the acceleration of the system is reviewed. Gearbox Toyota Camry can work smoothly and responsively.

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Impression and Handling

Camry prefer the comfort of passengers compared to the thrill of fun to drive. Unlike the Accord that prefer the comfort of the driver. Camry is quite convenient to use on all type of roads – thanks to the performance of its suspension. But remember, this suspension is too soft to maneuver at an angle of bend. Indeed this is a weakness of some Toyota sedan, this shortcoming so it feels when you pass the turns in the steep hills.


Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Specifications

  • Engine: 2.4-liter 2AZ-FE and 3.5-liter 2GR-FE.
  • Configuration: 4 cylinder 16 valve I4 (2.4); VVT-i; V6 VVT-i (3.5).
  • Horsepower: 167 HP @ 6,000 RPM (2.4); 277 HP @ 6,200 RPM (3.5).
  • Torque: 224 Nm @ 4,000 RPM (2.4); 346 Nm @ 4,700 RPM (3.5).
  • Fuel consumption: 6-8 km/L (in the city), 7-10 km/L (outside the city).
  • Transmission: automatic 5-speeds and 6-speeds automatic (V6 models).
  • Suspension: Front – MacPherson independent strut, Rear –¬† dual link independent strut.
  • Competitors: Honda Accord, Nissan Teana, Hyundai Sonata, BMW E90, Mercedes Benz C Class, Audi A4
  • Sales: 2006-2012.

The price of the Toyota Camry 2nd Generation

Camry is indeed notable as a luxury car, but for price tag, its not more expensive than the Corolla Altis which are positioned one level beneath it. For the used / secondhand Camry 2006 is powered by 2.4 litres engine, you can bought it at range of 14.000 US dollars and 17.000 US dollars for 3.5 litres engine type within the same year.

Toyota Camry 2nd Generation Pros

  • Comfortable.
  • Nice and spacious cabin.
  • Interior material quality is excellent.
  • Roomy interior.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Luxurious interiors and exteriors

Toyota Camry shortage Gen 2

  • Uncomfortable for driver during long distance travels.
  • Steering wheel less responsive.
  • Passenger seats less comfortable.
  • The interior features a minimal and lack of safety features.
  • Inefficient fuel usage.
  • Expensive maintenance cost.

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