Mazda 626 Capella Price and Specification Reviews

Mazda 626 Capella is a medium-sized sedan manufactured by Mazda in 1987, and it was the fourth generation of Mazda Capella family. This car were sold worldwide using two layouts that are derived from the Mazda GD platform, i.e. a four-door sedan and five-door hatchback.

Mazda 626 Capella Price and Specification Reviews

Sales in some local market was not too good if we compared to its competitors whom also manufactured by Japanese, such as Honda Accord Prestige and Mitsubishi Eterna, but its sales is better than Toyota Corona Twincam Ex.Saloon.

Mazda 626 Capella Exterior Reviews

Mazda Capella with the GD code can be recognized easily from the front lights – it has long shaped headlamp. As the 1990’s sedan, its body contour looks interesting. It looks elegant with sporty accent.

Mazda 626 Capella Sedan

While at the rear stoplamp, which carried by Mazda 626 Capella looks very similar to the Accord Maestro, where both stop lights mounted on car license plate bracket.

Mazda 626 Capella Hatchback

Mazda 626 Capella has a hatchback model, but it has not much differences to its pre-facelift version, except on the rear side. Although its modeled as hatchback, but it feels like this car more suitable as liftback model. Because as we know, every hatchback model has no protruding luggage into rear as sedans in general.

Mazda 626 Capella Hatchback

While its liftback model still having a style of sedans, one of its different is the luggage cover is resemble the door so we can access to the rear passenger room easily without hindered by glass. Moreover, there is an additional garnish on top of the mounting of car license plate that extends from left to right.

Mazda 626 Capella Interior Reviews

Go inside the cabin, you will feel the luxurious atmosphere of 1990’s sedan. In its class, not many cars are able to offer this kind of luxury. The cabin is large enough to accommodate 5 adult passengers even the passengers with big body postures.

On the centre console, there is an air conditioner’s wind flow lattice, air conditioner controller is exists beneath the form of sliding model, and music player was positioned at the lowest position in the top of the console box.

An electrical aspect that is a bit rare from other cars and has stood in this car is a digital speedometer. One of the Mazda 626 Capella problem is its electricity is not longer works smoothly because Mazda 626 Capella is a classic car. So, some of Mazda 626 Capella owners replace the digital speedometer to analog speedometer because the maintenance cost for digital speedometer more expensive.

In addition to the digital speedometer, there are other advanced feature which are usually only present in European luxury sedan, namely Automatic Adjustable Suspension. The suspension can be adjusted electrically through 3 buttons located on the right lower part of the driver. The modes that can be selected for automatic adjustable suspension is soft mode, normal mode and sport mode.

Mazda 626 Capella Performance Reviews

Mazda 626 Capella is use the carburetor engine FE series with the capacity of 2.0 litres SOHC with 4 cylinders 12 valves configuration. So, there is three valves on each its cylinder. This engine is able to produce power up to 107 HP at 5,300 RPM and maximum torque 164 Nm at RPM 3,300. The engine has a compression ratio of 10:1 is with 5 accelerations of manual transmission.

Mazda 626 Capella Impression and Handling Reviews

Thanks to the presence of electrically controlled suspension settings, then handling of Mazda 626 Capella is quite comfortable because the its levels can be adjusted by the drivers through a special buttons that has already been mentioned above. As a side note, this setting only applies to the rear suspension. Overall the handling is not best but acceptable.

Mazda 626 Capella Specification Reviews

Engine, 2.0 litre carburettor FE Series 4 cylinders 12 valves SOHC i4
Power, 107 HP @ 5.300 RPM
Torque, 164 Nm @ RPM 3.300
Bore x stroke, 86 mm x 86 mm
Compression ratio, 10:1
Fuel consumptions, 6-8 km/L (in the city) and 9-11 km/L (outside the city)
Transmission, Manual 5 accelerations and automatic 4 accelerations (rare)
Suspension, Front and rear double wishbone
Competitors, Honda Accord Prestige / Mitsubishi Eterna / Toyota Corona Ex Saloon Twincam

Mazda 626 Capella Used / Secondhand Price Reviews

In the market, this car has a fantastic price for low budget peoples. It is usually sold at a price range of 20.000 – 40.000 USD depending on its conditions. Make sure you buy a well kept and maintained unit.

Mazda 626 Capella Pros

Good handling.
Power and accelerations is qualified.
Spacious cabin.
Many electrical features.
Easy to care and maintained because its not using fuel injection engine.
The steering is very lightweight

Mazda 626 Capella Problem and Cons

Inefficient fuels consumption.
Spare parts are limited and not easy to obtain.
Resale prices is low.
It’s hard to find a unit with good condition.

So, that is a full review of the specification as well as the pros and cons of the Mazda 626 Capella. Mazda 626 Capella is a good choice if you want a good classic car that is easy to care.

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